MiUWeI (2015)

First Year Intermediate Project

MiUWeI is an atmospheric single-player puzzler about two characters whose ultimate goal is to get to the northern lights as close as possible. On their journey through a glacial Scandinavian environment they will have to pass several tests and puzzles working together, while only one can be controlled at a time. Given this ice cold setting, temperature plays a significant role. While uncovering the equivocal story you will need to stay warm to be able to see mysterious wall paintings that will give hints about the continuation of the story. The prototype features the beginning with a tutorial and one of the many planned puzzles. Take time, explore, dive into the world of MiUWeI.

Platform  PC/Mac  

Genre  First Person Exploration Puzzler  

Tagline  MiUWeI is a first-person puzzle game about two characters heading for the northern lights.

Team  Tim Gleibs: Game Design, Sound Design, Level Design, Scripting; Laura Bamberger: 2D Art, Game Marcus Horn: Game Design, Scripting; Moritz Ackermann: Scripting; Jan Maslov: 3D Modelling, 2D Art, Level/Environment Design, Project Management, Sound Design, Scripting