Of Rule And Parley

Collaborative Project

“Of Rule and Parley” follows the opinion that peace between countries is the result of balance. As the ruler over a nation, the player learns of the many factors that need to be considered to maintain this balance. A balance of power is necessary so no country has to fear the other, yet a balance of prosperity is also important so no country is in such dismay that armed conflict seems to be a price worth paying. To create a peaceful realm, the player must achieve and maintain a balance of force and prosperity and by doing so learns that there’s never one reason for war, but rather an interplay of many factors that needs to be avoided.

Platform  Windows PC  

Genre  Serious Game, Strategic Visual Novel   

Tagline  As ruler over a nation, it falls to the player to maintain peace between three struggling countries by seeking dialogue with the other rulers, trading, handling resources and doing political and military planning.  

Team  Maja Weber, Manuel Berlinger, Marcus Horn, Alvaro Quinteros, Laura Bamberger