One Whisp

The game takes place during a house party where the MC tries to recover a phone they forgot there. The MC feels uncomfortable among crowds and certain situations can raise or lower his hope bar. If the hope hits zero you lose and the character gives up. To prevent this worst case you can take drugs if you want to. They’ll raise your current hope BUT they lower your maximum hope, means some endings can’t be achieved anymore and it’s easier to get low on hope in the long run.

Slowly discover the big truth and the true story that lies behind dialogues and certain reactions of the character. What is your role in all of this and why is it the way it is?

Steer the MC through the game by interaction with characters, objects and their own feelings.

One Whisp is an anagram for Hope wins 🙂 

Tagline: „One day, everything that seemed stable in your life and kept you going can break away within a snap of a finger. How will you react? Will you shove everyone and everything away or try to find true meaning in life? The moment when your emotions and the loneliness slowly try to drive you crazy…can you still find hope in all of that or will you surrender to that feeling of despair?”

Platform: PC

Genre: Psychological RPG

Developer Studio: Dinosaur & Brachiosaurus Squad|| The Dinosaur Studios

Diego Prieto (Environmental Artist)
Timur Basar (Character Artist)
Alex Tunaru (Programmer)
Rita Gurgzdaityte (Programmer)
Frieda Strömer (Designer, Story Writer and Sound Designer)
Andrea Hein (Designer, Story Writer and Sound Designer)

Gameplay Videos