Opening Minds

The Visual Novel questions the role a player has in a narrative game. As the main mechanic, the player can pass a mysterious Mask, which is also source of conflict, between three characters. Whoever has the Mask is controlled by the player. However, as the player has much less information about the story than the characters, they may pick out-of-character dialogue options. As more and more incorrect dialogue options are chosen, the characters become increasingly aware that something is amiss. This is why the game employs audio-visual elements as found in mystery / uncanny horror games. In the end, the characters pinpoint the cause of the weirdness to the Mask and decide to destroy it; the game ends.

Key to the game’s meta-story is the fact that player as a meta-person is completely alien to the game’s characters, thereby striking fear in them; the act of playing is main driver of the story. The game is available for windows. A webcam is highly recommended for the whole experience. Important Note: the game should be played several times!

Tagline: Pass the mysterious mask between three characters

Platform: –

Genre: Visual Novel

Anton Sagel (Design & Project Management)
Sherouk Kamel (Backgrounds Artist)
Artur Akhmadullin (Programming)
Anne Goossens (Character Art)
Sarah Ruth (Sound Design)

Gameplay Videos