Collaborative Project

Outface is a 2D single player puzzle-escape room game drawn in line art style for puzzle and escape room fanatics. There are two worlds; a magical, fairy and calm ‘Normal’ world, and a dark, lonely and terrifying ‘Strange’ world. The player needs to switch between them to interact with object in order to solve the puzzle and get out. Nearly, every item has its antagonist and therefore, are connected with each other. Every change in one world will affect the other world. The player gets to control the main character who suffers from anxiety and tries to face his scariest nightmares: The Strange World. Can you Outface them?


Can you outface your darkest nightmares?

Production Year: ​2019/2020

Platform:​ PC

Genre:​ Puzzle – Escape Game


layda Ardic (Game Design, Mechanics; Puzzle Mechanics, Controls, Sound, Schedule Planning)

Artur Akhmadullin (Game Programming, Sound, Animations)

Nat Spengler (Art, Animations, UI, Concepts, Project Lead, Vision Keeping)

Luisa Maibaum (Game Designer, Game Design Concepts)