Collaborative Project

Ozomahtli is a game that blurs the boundaries of the real and virtual world as it exists in both. The name-giving protagonist Ozomahtli is on his quest to awaken the sleeping gods of the Aztec pantheon. As the player, you need to interact with the environment of the game that exists physically in the real world to help Ozomahtli in his virtual version of the same. Observe what keeps him from progressing towards his goal, help him by changing the physical space and see what Ozomahtli makes of it when the virtual world changes accordingly. Ozomahtli is a children-friendly game that invites to playful interaction, but needs a special setup of a unique physical game world model connected with sensors built into it. It is currently located at Cologne Game Lab and may be set up for play on special request.


50% real, 50% virtual, 100% monkey business

Production Year: 2017

Platform: PC (+ physical level controller)

Genre: Puzzle adventure


Daria Jurek: environmental concept, physical model

Maja Weber: character concept, creation & animation, technical implementation, Scrum master

Alvaro Quinteros Vidal: critter concept, creation & animation

Sarah Ulzhöfer: photogrammetry, digital environment, lighting, sound design, effects

Laura Bamberger: weather effects, digital environment & lighting assistant

Manuel Berlinger: narrative, gameplay & puzzle design, music, technical implementation

Marco Picker: sensor & Arduino programming, engine programming