Pictures at an Exhibition

Collaborative Project

Pictures at an Exhibition is, as the name implies, an exhibition in the virtual space. The player or rather visitor enters the exhibition through a central hub, which design is the result of a Brutalist deconstruction of Indian temple architecture. Having an ever-changing colour concept and further procedural modifications throughout the various artworks the visitors can enter, emotions are evoked through sound and vision, through gentle inspiration as well as a sudden provocation. Pictures at an Exhibition is about the expression and interpretation of emotions, it is about the tension between the artist and the audience and ultimately it is about the thought process that is set in motion by artistic experiences.


Progression does not happen on the screen – it happens in your mind.

Platform: PC/Mac/Linux

Genre: Virtual Exhibition


Vadim Nickel (Lead, Design, Technical Art, Programming, Sound)

Matan Gantz (3D Art, Environmental Art)

Sarah Engelhardt (Environmental Art/Concept, 2D Art)

Taylan Balaban (3D Art)