Portrait of an Oligarchy

Collaborative Project

Portrait of an Oligarchy is an experiment in the caricaturization of the ruling class through narrative, symbolism and grotesquely stylized visuals. Ten rich and powerful figures are having a dinner party in a mansion, and you play as the server who must cater to their every whim. The game explores notions of dependence and agency between the working and ruling classes. Through careful observation of the scene, you must figure out how to solve a puzzle in order to escape this nightmare full of pompous psychopaths!

Tagline  “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

Platform  Windows, Mac, Linux  

Genre  Serious Game/ Experimental Game  

Team  Sarah Abouzari – Gameplay Programming | Owen Franke – Writing and Game Arts | Matan Gantz – Game Arts | Tim Scheller – Programming and Animation | Niklas Tomkowitz – Game Design and Documentation