Rabbits: The Dream Loop

Collaborative Project

The first inspiration for the project’s concept was David Lynch’s avant-garde short horror-comedy sitcom „Rabbits”. All series consisted of disjointed conversations between humanoid characters with rabbit heads, dialogs that were interrupted by laugh track. The sitcom was somehow a parody to common TV shows, translated in David Lynch’s surreal aesthetics. The „rabbit heads” impersonation of the characters have direct inspiration from this sitcom. In our project, the rabbits were created (modeled) differently according to their role. In addition to this, surrealist aesthetics that inspired the project have a root in the early Twin Peaks 90′s TV serial drama of David Lynch.

Platform  PC  

Genre  Interactive Cinematic  

Tagline  Interactive cinematic experiment set-up in a surreal environment.  

Team  Vlad Lomnasan: Environment/Character Artist and Level Designer; Falk Fabri: Scripting and Animations