Tea Shop

Self-initiated Project

In “Tea Shop” the player slips into the role of a lone hysteric, living a life of solitude in a small hut in the outskirts of Autumn Well, a secluded village in Canada. One day they find the entire village turned into a ghost town from one moment to the next. Eerie happenings surround the player as they journey through the village and its past, in search for the truth. While exploring ominous areas like the town’s old school building or the abandoned hospital, they must also tend to their well-being. It’s the mundane things – be it procuring food from the supermarket, locking the door, preparing some tea to sip at home or simply watching the star-filled sky – that are able to keep us calm when the darkness outside seems to enshroud all the answers.

Platform  PC / Mac  

Genre  Occult Detective / Mundane Survival / Horror / Open World  

Tagline  Game three of three, where the player explores a mysterious island, a reflection of a girl within her dreams and interacts with mysterious objects scattered across the island.  


Jan Maslov (Design, Art, Programming)

Giovanni Tagliamonte (Design, Programming)