Tell me where

Collaborative Project

The game’s focus is to eliminate the wraith that is plaguing the world. But you cannot do it alone and need your friend’s help. The game utilizes both a desktop monitor and the HTC Vive requiring 2 players to be present at the same time in the same room. Player 1 will have the Vive on the head while player 2 will sit in front of the monitor. Player 1 will play the role of the ghost hunting swordsman, and player 2 will play the role of the clairvoyance psychic. The perception of surroundings is incomplete for both players. Each player is only getting half of the main perceptual mean. Two player will participate, player 1 who has the Vive on will only be able to view the world and objects only, while player 2 who sits in front of the computer will see player 1 and the enemy in a top-down view. Once the enemy spawns, the enemy is not visible to player 1 but can only be heard. But player 2 can see player 1 as well as the enemies. Therefore, player 2 has to tell player 1 where the enemy is, and player 1 in his best ability has to guess where the enemy is coming from based on the sound and direction given by player 2. Once the enemy is within the range player 2 will tell player 1 to swing, and if the swing were successful, the enemy would parish giving visual feedback to both player 1 and 2. To accept the current limitation of the VR headset and to create an MR experience by emphasizing the CO-OP in a non-digital manner.


VR Co-Op Party game with your friends. “Tell me where“ the enemies are then I will swing my sword  

Platform: HTC Vice  

Genre: VR Co-Op Game  


JiHoon Kim