The Bride is an app that has been developed in collaboration for the Deutsche Museum that features a series of minigames for the visitor to discover. The first game sets the player into a mission to combat increasing amounts of waste that is currently cluttering the orbit of the earth as a satellite with a hook. The guest can also choose to build and partake in a labyrinth, which the app then learns and eventually beats, though machine learning cycles in a matter of minutes. The last game invites the visitor to reflect on his visit by asking them a question, which they can answer and display on a virtual wall for other app users to see or respond to.

The applications span the definition of a classical video to game, which build heavily on the exhibits and topics the museum is displaying, but also features aspects that go beyond, raising the question, if they can be even qualified as games. Together they provide an enhancing experience for the visitor that can be used to develop a new, personal, perspective on an exhibit, but also for very practical applications as to shorten waiting times.

Daniel Castellanos
Eva Baginska
Karina (Kar) Pankov
Sadegh Boroomand