The SLM Project

In the SLM-Project, the visitors of the Siegerlandsmuseum canlearn more about Johan Maurits. This impact game’s goal is to challenge existing biasestowards Johan Maurits and give the players all the information they need to form afact-based opinion. This is done playfully to engagingly convey the information to the targetaudience. The game is structured into three main parts:

1. The main menu from which you can access the two contained mini-games.

2. A point-and-click game that presents the player with a still of ‘Vrijburg,’ Johan Maurits’Palace in Dutch Brazil, where they can see and discover how it might have lookedand what kinds of people they might have found there.

3. A card game with a narrative-based matching mechanic in which the players need tomatch cards to form several storylines.

Tagline: Explore the court and life of Johan Maurits in the Dutch colony in Brazil 1636-1644

Platform: PC, Android, Touchscreen (built for the exhibition)

Genre: Educational Game, Point & Click, Serious Game

Jana Lehning (Design; Instagram: @janetheodd)
Anna Oberhauser (Design; Personal e-mail:
Lara Streppelmann (Art)
Nastaran Namei (Art; Artstation:; Instagram:@nasstaaran)
Lewin Husted (Programming)
Philip Nees (Programming; Instagram: @philipnees)
Jeldrik Gaal (Team Lead;; Instagram: @jeldrik.thoralf)