The Strive

The Strive” uses classic gaming language to get the player to think about concepts like alterity,
meritocracy and privileges. The game features a single 2D platforming level, which must be
traversed in 6 minutes. In order to do so, the players must customize a character, choosing their
sex, skin color, sexuality and gender, as well as immigration background. To each of those traits,
the level will react differently, generating new challenges and ultimately showing that we might
all strive for the top, but the way is not the same to everyone. “The Strive” was developed as a
Semester Project for the Cologne Game Lab during the summer of 2021. Music was composed
by David Marlow, especially invited to collaborate with the students.

Tagline: One Mountain. Many Fates.

Platform: PC (Windows)

Genre: Experimental platforming-puzzle game

Dimas T. de Lorena Filho (Lead Designer)
Gökdeniz Cetin (Animator and artist)
Maria Teresa Buco Paiva (Designer & Sound Effects)
Nat Spengler (Lead Artist)
Simon Skrippek (Lead Programmer)

Gameplay Video