Unclaimed Skies (2015)

Collaborative Projects

After a disaster wiped out large portions of the world’s population and set technological advances back for centuries, an isolate recluse shelters two individuals who strife to rediscover knowledge long forgotten: The mystery of flying. A young tribe member follows her dreams in which she sees machines flying through the sky, but has to take on the burden to take flight all by her own after her dear but old friend was befallen by disheartenment after a lifetime of failed attempts to defy gravity. Take on the task to finish a working flying machine, lift off into a wondrous world full of adventure and claim the skies again.

Platform  PC  

Genre  Adventure  

Tagline  Highly narrative driven adventure game with strong influences from the RPG genre in terms of meaningful social and world interaction.  

Team  Manuel Berlinger: Narrative & World Design, Management; Arthur Eckman: Mechanics & Programming; Maja Weber: Characters & Animation; Josefine Maier: Ambience & Assets; Daria Jurek: Ambience & Coloring