Collaborative Project

You are a writer, an artist that can depict scenes and images through words like no one else. Therefore, when a menacing dream begins to haunt you in your slumber, reappearing again and again, you have no other option but to pursue that story. You seek out an old mansion, surrounded by a vast forest and plan a trip to camp nearby. As soon as everything is set up, you leave on your journey around the mansion, except… You begin to realize that the area feels familiar. You’ve been here before. As you pass beautiful landmarks, you find items that remind you of your past and write about them in your notebook, collecting memories in the form of pages. And at the end of these pages lies a story, begging to be remembered past the cloudy mess of trauma. Will you be able to share the “untold” with the world? Or allow it to remain forever forgotten?…

Platform  PC  

Genre  3D Serious Game    

Tagline  “You are not dreaming…”  

Team  Elena-Adelina Popa (art, level design, programming); Evelina Bieliakaite (concept art, storyline, sound and video); Armand Thiart (ambient, concept, script)