Vive l’Execution

Collaborative Project

Players assume the role of the republic’s new chief executioner. The player will be presented with an infinite row of randomly generated suspects and will have to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to let them move on or to execute them by using their list of laws to cross-reference the listed offences with the appearance of the suspect in front of them. For every suspect, the player will only have a limited amount of time to decide before the suspect moves off-screen. If the player decides correctly, they will receive points. If they make the wrong decision or miss someone, they will lose one life. The player tries to increase their score as much as possible and the game continues until they run out of lives.


Vive l’Exécution is a frantic, macabre, time sensitive game of execution, that will test the player’s observation, memory, reaction and patriotism!

production year: 2019/2020

platform: PC

genre: fast paced single player sorting game


Richard Glumm (Design)

Iuliia Chesnokova (Art)

Florian Brüggemann (Programming)

Flo Ewers (Design)