Way back | At the time | And now

Collaborative Project

“Way Back” is the journey of a horse riding back home – An endless runner, with a twist! At the first glance it may seem like a normal endless runner with different obstacles like trees on the ground and rocks. However, there is a special saving system. If you save the game to one of three slots you may reload from that state at any time, even after dying, and continue your game. If something stops your ride, just load one of the active save slots. However, the saves continue running slowly by themselves so you’ll have to constantly monitor them – they might even die by themselves. If you got no save slots left and die, the game is over so you’ll have to make sure you’ve always got a back-up. How long will you be able to live in this fleeting moment of the past?

“At the Time” is an experimental top-down Action Adventure in the style of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past where the main character in her dreams is confronted with a tragic incident she caused herself in an attempt to resolve her lie. Saving the game is an important part of the gameplay in At the Time, as it is used to solve complex puzzles and other sophisticated interactions with the playable main character and the environment. The demo portrays a vertical slice of the most important gameplay and story elements, where she is confronted with her father whom she lied to.

“And now” is an experimental exploration game set on a fully-featured 3D island within a girl’s dreams. Taking strong inspirations from games like Yume Nikki, it uses its lack of interactivity and clarity of systems to invoke a mysterious atmosphere as well as convey the dreamer’s feelings through the gameplay and environment themselves. An intricate effect and area system provide the backbone to the way things play out in often puzzling and unexpected ways. The player may explore the island to their liking, find effects and experiment with them at different locations, slowly attempt to grasp the rules behind them, just take in the environment or perhaps choose to return back to their tent at their own leisure.

Tagline  Game 1: the player prolongs a fleeting memory by saving and loading the game. Game 2: the player explores the past of the main character, in an old-school action adventure where your savegames may influence more than one might think. Game 3: the player explores a mysterious island, a reflection of a girl within her dreams and interacts with mysterious objects scattered across the island.    

Platform  PC (Game 3 also Mac)  

Genre  Experimental Game (Game 1: Endless Runner | Game 2: Action Adventure | Game 3: First Person Adventure)  


Game 1: Moritz Ackermann-Programming | Tim Gleibs-Design | Eduard Gotwig-Programming | Jan Maslov-Design | Giovanni Tagliamonte-Design.

Game 2: Pegah Amirahmadi-Art | Tim Gleibs-Design | Simon Herfert-Programming | Jan Maslov-Design | Giovanni Tagliamonte-Design.

Game 3: Tim Gleibs-Design | Jan Maslov-Design, Art, Programming | Giovanni Tagliamonte-Design, Programming