Where is everybody

Collaborative Project

A mean, bloodthirsty snake attacks the den of your peacefully living rabbit family and everybody fled in panic! Slip into the role of the hero rabbit on their rapid flight and dodge obstacles by digging your way through the soil or using all your bunny power to jump across everything that stands in your way. If you are shrewd enough to find every lost bunny without getting caught, the united forces of family will soon make the snake laugh out of the other side of her face!


Escape your enemy, avoid obstacles and save your family!

Release: February 2018

Platform: Windows

Genre: 2D-Sidescroller


Sarah Kempken (GameDesign)

Lamin Sillah (Programming, AudioDesign)

Jan Wichmann (Programming)

Keivan Akbari (GameArts, Animation)

Fritz Thiel (GameArts, Graphic Design)