Yu and Mi

Yu and Mi is an augmented reality game for Android mobile devices. In the game, the player has to assemble sensor casings by collaborating with a virtual YuMi IRB 14000 robot.

This project has been developed for MILKY-PSY, a German research project that studies the acquisition of psychomotor skills in immersive environments. After placing the virtual workstation in the real environment, the player has to pick up objects, carry them around, and attach them to the sensor casing. Some items can only be obtained after completing a mini-game in which you recreate a given pattern on the touchscreen of your mobile device. In an elaborate tutorial, a quirky instructor robot named H-31 gradually introduces the user to the various components of the collaborative assembly workflow.


Turn your living room into a modern workstation and assemble sensor casings with a virtual YuMi IRB 14000 robot.

Platform: Android mobile devices

Genre: Simulation game


Alexander Gerhards (Art & Management)

Alexandru Negoescu (Programming)

Arthur Kehrwald (Programming)

Lars Kalthoff (Design & Management)

Pauline Müller (Art)