Upcoming Guest Lecture

UX and User Research: How to create enjoyable, inclusive experiences in the games industry

Michaela Peterhansl (UX Accessibility Specialist) & Natali Panic-Cidic (User Researcher) at Ubisoft Düsseldorf 

Michaela (“Ela”) Peterhansl (she/her) 
is a UX accessibility specialist at Ubisoft Düsseldorf. Before starting her career in UX, she successfully pursued degrees in Applied Computer Sciences and Human-Computer Interaction. Her first touchpoints with accessibility were in the gaming community as both a designer and player, changing and driving her perspective to approach design and development as a means to inclusion.

Natali Panic-Cidic (M.A.) (she/her) is a Games User Researcher, with passion for qualitative research, human behavior and user-centric design. She currently works as a User Researcher for Ubisoft Düsseldorf and researches independently towards a PhD in Game User Research at the RWTH Aachen University.