At CGL, we develop digital games and research interactive content – but our main task is still to train specialists for the games industry. In our series “Alumni Interviews” we present some of the former CGL students, their careers and the companies they successfully founded. We ask them about their experiences while studying at CGL and what tips they have for those considering applying to CGL. Besides that, they offer us an exciting glimpse into their professions!

This time around, we talked to Massive Mini Team – a whole group of CGL alumni – who just recently released their first game “Spitlings”!

Read the interview with them here!

Within the last months, we already talked to the founders of the independent game studio Ludopium, which you can read here and also to Carmen Schneidereit, Lighting Artist at Microsoft Playground Games. You can read the interview here. Our latest interviewee was Pablo Lopez Soriano who currently works at Media Molecule where he has joined the creative animation team. Have fun reading it here!