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Showcase M.A. 3D Animation for Film & Games | 3rd semester

Finally, the application phase for all B.A. and M.A. study programs has started! As we eagerly await the first warm days of spring and the approaching summer term, we want to take the time and reflect on some of last semester’s projects.

The third semester students of the M.A. 3D Animation for Film & Games explored a wide range of animation forms during winter term: games, VR, stop motion, 3D animated films – you name it. The results of their hard work were showcased on-site at CGL, and we loved them so much that we decided to highlight some of them here to give them the attention they deserve!

If these projects make you curious about pursuing a degree in animation yourself, look at our course description. The MA 3D Animation for Film & Games application phase is open until March 31, 2023!
The same deadline goes for all other study programs. Apply now! 


The discontinuation of manned space flight by NASA does not seem to be permanent, according to the team of Utkarsh Agnihotri, Omar Qandeel, David Seul, and Tarek Zaytouneh. They developed the prototype of the multiplayer game “Mycelium,” which explores the intergalactic conflict between humanity and the eponymous Mycelium network. Humanity sends its advanced armored units to mine the network’s energy-rich mushrooms, but the Mycelium network fights back by sending deadly beasts.


Streetfighting takes a whole new meaning in the VR project “Tamasha.” The team, composed of Mahee Pal, Akhil Mathew, and Hazem Zakaria, created a prototype of an interactive VR film with the help of Quill. Their project features two fighting dice in the slums of Bombay, an idea that writer and director Mahee had been brewing for the past fifteen years.

Home Office Yet

Curious about the perks of remote work? The team of Antonia Hayler, Fernando Chan, Yadira Marin, and Seifeddine Mokkadem explore this question in their stop motion animation project titled “Home Office Yet.” The story follows the lovable character of Mr. Yeti, who is determined to revolutionize his family’s business by working from the comfort of his own home.

Home Office Yet | Gallery


Jimmy may have a physical disability, but he can do more than what people give him credit for. In a heartwarming short film, the team of Julia Schlickmann, Aneeza Ashraf, Rabii Belazzi, and Umar Afzal used a 2.5 style to showcase Jimmy’s capabilities, including the ability to fry eggs on his own.