The results of the latest meeting on the promotion of digital games and interactive content of the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW have come out and we are delighted there are many CGL-alumni and members of our Incubator among the beneficiaries.

Corrado Maraini and Jonas Delleske receive a production funding of 125.000 euro for their puzzle-platformer “Derpy Conga” (picture above) and a concept funding of 9.000 euro for their game „Design Slices“. Their company Giant Door is part of the Cologne Game Incubator.

CGL-Alumni Balint Márk, György Droste, Juan Orjuela and Utz Stauder and their company Ludopium receive a prototype funding of 50.000 euro for their game „NoClip“ – Rogue-like, that is set in a spiritual Science-Fiction-world.

Another Cologne Game Incubator-team, Fantastic Foe, i.e. CGL Alumni Imad Manzaar, Malte Dittmann and Tobias Stüttem, receive 20.000 euro concept funding for their VR-puzzle game „Enclosed Encounter“.

CGL-Alumni Milan Pingel and his team at Massive Miniteam receive a concept funding of 20.000 euro for their 3D-Action Adventure „Infinity Baguette“.

And last but not least, CGL-Alumni and members of the Cologne Game Incubator Rüdiger Brandis and Alex Boccia as well as their co-funder Alexandra Petrus, who is a student of the Master’s program Game Development and Research, receive a 20.000 euro concept funding with their company Achtung Autobahn Studios for the historic Indie-Adventure „Maniacs“.

Congratulations to all teams!