On Thursday, November 3, a team of three reseachers started work on the ISEDA project (Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse).

In the coming months, Chad Comeau (Team Lead & Game Design), Kendys Ortega (3D Art) and Sergey Laas (Game Programming) will develop a serious game that will simulate different interview scenarios. This game will function as a training tool for police officers to hone their skills at conducting interviews by following standardized procedures. The development will also focus on creating believable, expressive virtual characters that will respond to the trainee’s input in order to train them at assessing body language, not to rely solely on the interviewee’s answers to assess a situation.

About the project:
The ISEDA project was launched in 2022 and aims to produce, test, evaluate, and upscale innovative solutions against domestic violence and abuse in Europe. Its consortium, coordinated by the Cologne Game Lab from the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences brings together 15 partners from nine different countries. This joint research project seeks to combat and eliminate domestic violence (DV) by employing an enriched European approach, utilizing modern technological tools and practices, and improved multi-sectoral expertise in its activities. Find out more here.

Image (from left to right): Chad Comeau, Laura Frings, Emmanuel Guardiola, Kendys Ortega and Sergey Laas