the Good Evil

The Good Evil GmbH was founded in early 2013 by Linda Kruse and Marcus Bösch. Both of them graduated from the Cologne Game Lab with a Master of Arts in Game Development and Research and previously gained many years of experience in the film and media industry. The Good Evil GmbH is the cultural and creative pilot of the German government 2013/2014.

The Good Evil design and develop games – interactive applications with which you can experience and learn something. Their games help with learning English, puzzle together German history, understand how it feels to be a stranger or get fit with the help of a pizza box.

Their clients include Bastei Lübbe, Beltz & Gelberg, the Landeszentrale für politische Bildung NRW, the Historisches Museum Basel, Stiftung Lesen, Deutsche Welle and WDR. In addition to commissioned and in-house productions – such as the adventure app Squirrel & Baer – they advise companies, organisations and cultural institutions. From lectures and tailor-made workshops to complete process support.