Application Process

Entry Requirements:

The admission requirements for the “Master of Arts in 3D Animation for Film & Games” program are as follows

  • the successful completion of a university degree with the degree “Bachelor of Arts” or “Bachelor of Sciences” or with an equivalent such as Diplom, Magister, Master or Staatsexamen in the fields of Film, Games, Design, Architecture or equivalent;
  • proof of a professional experience of at least twelve months’ duration relevant to the course of study after completion of the first university degree. This practice time should be completed up to the beginning of the program. It can, however, be acquired cumulatively. The period, in which it was acquired, should lie in the last five years before the application time. Exceptions such as an extension of the timeframe may be approved upon request;
  • proof of special study-related suitability for the “3D Animation for Film & Games” degree program (aptitude test during the application phase).

Application Steps:

Step 1 (international student only):

Validation of the first higher education degree by Uni-Assist. (s. further information below)

Step 2 (all applicants):

Application for the program / artistic-scientific aptitude test, which consists of the following elements:

  • the submission of all necessary application documents (degree documents and application tasks);
  • an interview on site or, in the case of a very long journey from abroad or for other understandable reasons, alternatively in the form of a video interview. Only those applicants will be invited to this interview who have demonstrated their basic suitability in the first step.

Application Timeline:

The MA 3D Animation for Film & Games admits new students every winter semester. The application tasks are, consequently, published in the early onset of each year. The deadline is always March 31.

After all applications have been reviewed, the interviews will take place sometime in May or June, in order to make it possible to start studying in September.

Find out more about the application process here.


For the winter semester 2023/24 you can apply in digital form at uni-assist, you do not have to send any documents by post. TH Köln reserves the right to check these documents during the enrollment. 

We would generally recommend you to prepare and submit your Uni Assist materials early on. The evaluation process by Uni-Assist can take up to four weeks ­during peak times even longer. Your final admission, however, depends on the result of the evaluation.

Please be aware that admission committee does not check the formal validity of your documents. International applicants have to submit their documents to the validation agency Uni-Assist parallel to the application procedure. The application portal of Uni-Assist is open from March 1 to 31.

As the processing time for this is approximately four weeks, international applicants are highly encouraged to hand in their certificates to Uni-Assist considerably before the deadline. Without a positive evaluation by Uni-Assist, applicants cannot be admitted to the M.A. program.

All application documents must be submitted to Uni-Assist as officially certified copies. If your documents are issued in a language other than English or German, you are required to submit a German or English language translation from a state certified translator.

Please find further information on the Uni-Assist procedure here:


Uni-Assist FAQ