Uncover the hidden mysteries of “Beyond the Dusty Shelves,” where the library is more than meets the eye. Kishore Srinivasan, Nilesh Kishore Monver, Sajjad Lotfi, and Mahshad Farhangi invite you on a journey into the heart of this realtime rendered library. As the new librarian navigates through the corridors and browses the books, he seems to be oblivious to the dangers of his new workspace which blurs the mundane and the magical.

Beyond the Dusty Shelves

3rd semester | Individual Project | WT 2023/24

Kishore Srinivasan (>LinkedIn | >ArtStation)
Nilesh Kishore Monver (>LinkedIn | >ArtStation)
Sajjad Lotfi
Mahshad Farhangi

Game Trailer: