Venture into the shadows with “Pulse of Fear,” a VR walkthrough created in Unity that taps into the stark, emotional depths of German expressionist cinema to confront the issue of street harassment. Developed by Gamze Sunar, Mahdieh Tabatabaei, Megana Veda Sai, Rebeca Barona, and Tetiana Fuks for an adult audience, this experience is designed to immerse players in a world where the fear and anxiety of being followed become palpable, fostering empathy and sparking critical discussions on the realities faced by victims of such harassment.

Pulse of Fear

3rd semester | Individual Project | WT 2023/24
VR walkthrough

Gamze Sunar (>LinkedIn | >ArtStation)
Mahdieh Tabatabaei
Megana Veda Sai
Rebeca Barona
Tetiana Fuks

Game Trailer: