Arcane Revolution

Arcane Revolution is a fantasy Tabletop RPG played by three to six players and a Game Master. Arcane Revolution fuses impactful narrative choices with impactful mechanical choices through its ground-breaking Roleplaying Mechanics. Additionally, Arcane Revolution reduces the bureaucratic load of managing character by replacing pen and paper with boardgame elements, such as playing cards and status trackers.

The world of Arcane Revolution is in the midst of a crass transformative process. Similar to the Digital Revolution of our world, recent scientific developments in the field of magic have a massive impact on the societies of Arcane Revolution. New forms of individual expression and rising productivity promise a bright future. ‘Magification’ is the keyword in the politics of Arcane Revolution, with many profiting from its opportunities. Others, however, are threatened in their livelihood due to the spread of magic, especially those who perform simple menial tasks – a tinker becomes superfluous in a world where items can be fixed at a snap of the fingers. The players are in the centre of these threats and chances, and over all looms the threat of a catastrophic war.

Tagline: Arcane Revolution is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game with boardgame elements that bridges the gap between narrative and mechanics and takes the players through a society rapidly transformed by innovation in the arcane sciences.

Platform: analogue

Genre: e.g. Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Team: Anton Sagel (Game Design and Writing;
Instagram: @arcane_revolution)