Past regrets can be a heavy burden. That’s what the protagonist of this game painfully realizes as some of their own regrets leave them feeling disjointed. In the game this means their avatar lacks several body parts and connected abilities. As the player you have to guide the protagonist through the surreal worlds of their mind, solving puzzles to progress the journey. Each will give the protagonist back a body part, continuing the process of reassembly and healing. Navigating the environment will also reveal the past regrets as floating memory shards and the design of the surroundings. Can you overcome the past? It’s up to you to answer this question now.

Help the protagonist reassemble his spirit by solving puzzles dealing with his past regrets.

Alexander Gerhards – Project Lead/3D Artist
Daniel Baracotti – Game Design / Sound & Music
Lars Kalthoff – Game Design / Programming
Thiago Morano – Gerding – Programming / VFX
Trixia Quinzon – 2D Artist / Texturing

Gameplay Trailer