Battles of Oz

In a group of four adventurers, the player has to fight enemies using normal attacks or unique traits that are randomly assigned to each character at the beginning. Embarking on the epic quest to slay the witches, the player also has to manage resources like items. For people familiar with the original Oz story, it is going to be a fun little game even when playing only once, for others the fun comes with more playthroughs and different combinations of abilities.

Tagline: “Once a little girl got lost in another world full of individuals that were feeling not complete.  Now it’s your time to fight with everything you still have! Emotions and Feelings nobody can take from you! Turn them into your most feared weapon!”

Platform: Mobile, PC

Genre: Turn-based roguelike

Diego Prieto (Environmental Artist)
Pia Redeker (Character Artist)
Alex Tunaru (Programmer)
Xavier Langlands (Designer and Sound Designer)
Andrea Hein (Designer and Sound Designer)

Gameplay Videos