In BeOrdinary the player experiences a day in the life of Tom Miller, a guy in a position of privilege. As the day goes on, he encounters several situations of discrimination, neglect, and misogyny. Tom has a certain tendency to react which is determined by a special card deck but ultimately it’s up to the player to decide if they decide follow through with Tom’s personality or go with their own comfort.

Tagline: Meet Tom. Tom is successful. Tom’s life is going well. But how does Tom deal with the world around him? And how do you?

Platform: PC + Physical Card Deck, or PC + Android (simulated Card Deck)

Genre: Experimental Game, Interactive Experience

Liubov Belykh
Naz Akgül
Nils Müller-Cleve
Thaleia Tagaraki
Vanessa Ptak

Gameplay Video