You’ve just downloaded the Firewood Bundle, a collection of three games by a small studio. Play through these classics and discover there’s something more connecting them than just a theme. Included in the bundle are two games: Smokey Snacks and Picnic Boom. Smokey Snacks is an endless scroller where players guide a wisp of chimney smoke on a hand-crafted journey, travelling as far as possible thanks to a healthy diet of smoke snacks. Our second game, Picnic Boom, is a top-down block puzzler where pesky ants are invading the picnic blankets. As a hot-headed matchstick, explode bombs, solve puzzles and defeat enemies to achieve victory. By experimenting or following achievements hints, players will stumble upon a hidden mechanic where game windows can be connected to pass objects and characters from one game to the next.

A collection of games with hidden connections.

Thiago Morano
Elena Igumnova
Chad Comeau
Trixia Quinzon
Anastasiia Tataurova

Gameplay Trailer

Link to Prototype: