The game is envisioned as a puzzle-platformer for the PC. The player has to traverse a variety of levels in order to reach the end. He achieves this by switching between up to 3 characters and using their abilities in conjunction as well as combination with each other. The game contains 27 one-screen levels, following the characters Rage, Depression and Anxiety, personifications of a person’s negative emotions, as they find themselves split apart from the rest of the emotions. In order to once again combine into a balanced state of mind, they start their journey through a metaphorical representation of the human mind. The games characters are all based on negative emotions, with the aim of showing the importance and power of cooperation as well as showing that negative emotions can have a positive impact.

Daniel Baracotti – Level Design / Mechanic Design / Documentation
Tamina Brunke – Level Design / Framework / Presentations
Sebastian Gerena Cubillos – Character Design / Animations / Illustrations
Alba Pläp Golfe – Project Lead / Environment Design / Illustrations
Frederyk Sperling – Programming / Sound Design / Music

Gameplay Trailer