Collaborative Project

Project’s aim was to see whether through terrain design we as developer could have more diegetic way of guiding, to make this happen, Ik Hwan Kim, doctoral candidate from KAIST who specializes in landscape architecture in cyber space helped creating core terrain design elements, such as use of light and shadow, different tone of colors in the terrain. Fallout 4 has one of the largest modding community which guarantees at least some level of audience which is essential in collecting experiment result. To maximize the effectiveness of the terrain design, player needed to decide on the fly without a deep thinking of which path to take. To force this on the fly decision making, we introduced some of the game mechanism change. 1. Increased the damage of the player 2. Decreased the amount of health enemy has 3. Increased the number of the enemy at any given moment


FO4 mod focused on rebalanced gameplay to mimic the feel of battlefield franchise like a shooter. With the experiment, in which player movement is modulated by terrain design, focused game mechanics

Platform: PC, Fallout 4 Mod

Genre: Experimental game


JiHoon Kim (Level Design)

Moritz Anton Pauli (Level Design)

IkHwan Kim (Terrain Design)

Hanna Steinhauer (Lore / Art Directing)

Tom Schildhauer (Core Programming)

Indiana Maria Acosta Hernandez (Land Mark Concept Art)

Nicole Alexa Schneiderwind (NPC creation)

Petar Yosifov Aleksiev (3D modeling / In game design)

Andreas Ernst (Sound Design, BGM Composing)