Collaborative Project

Gridrunners is a fast paced racing game within an endless digital circuit like the world. Players compete against each other with up to 4 player multiplayer possibility in a Modern Arcade styled game. Each player controls a vehicle called Gridrunner, with their Gridrunner they have to evade obstacles, collect fuel, power ups and fight other players. There are two main roles a player could assume in Gridrunners, the first being a racer which has to race against the other players for points and navigate throughout the dangerous world. Players could also take up the mantle of Moderator, Moderators do not have the possibility to lose or win the game since they will not be racing. Instead, Moderators have the ability to take complete control of the game world and make the lives of their friend’s hell if they wished so, and this is all done in real time.


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Production Year: 2017

Platform: Arcade, Pc (Local)

Genre: Experimental Arcade Racing game with action


Armand Thiart