“We live in a universe of freedom and peace. Glued together by a power, an almighty power. But like everything old and lasting, it’s meant to break. Now the days of fear have come, and our cube will collapse. Thus, I have gathered you, my team.” -the Boss

The K.U.P.E team is a team of special mechanics that is sent into the almighty cube to repair it. They have the task to collect all the Items, which will form a special tool needed for the reparation. Unfortunately, the Items are spread all over the 6 sides of the cube and must be collected! But before diving into the danger of portals, spikes and moving platforms the team needs a special training, in which the four or less players are trained to interact with each other as well as using their characters’ unique abilities to master the sides! Grab your best mates, choose your favourite character and get prepared for the cube!

After the universe is saved once, new records in being the fastest K.U.P.E team ever can be set in the “Run Mode”, in which only the 6 main levels are played, and the overall time is counted!

Interact with your teammates or use your unique ability to collect all the items. Every minute counts!

Maurice Andreas – Programming, Sound Design
Clarissa Wegner – Environment-, 2D Artist
Björn Röthig – 3D Artist
Franziska Blank – Game-& Level-Design, Management, Team Lead

Gameplay Trailer