Mother Cube

Collaborative Project

Mother Cube is a first-person arcade platformer, set in a dystopian future. It’s a game about rising up in a world that is falling. Players embark on a vertical journey to reach a large alien structure in the sky – the Mother Cube – by jumping up falling platforms so rapidly that they start to rise in the game world. They start out on the streets of a futuristic city and eventually reach a great height, with a neon-soaked vista unraveling before their eyes. Their ascension is backed by a pumping, retro-futuristic soundtrack that reacts dynamically to their progress and also changes the environment, bringing it to life.

Platform  PC and Mac  

Genre  Arcade-Platformer  

Tagline  Rising in a falling world  

Team  Philipp Baumann: 3D & Concept ArtMatan Gantz: 3D, 2D & Concept ArtVadim Nickel: Concept, Sound Design, ProgrammingHans Reitemeyer: 2D & Concept ArtTim Scheller: Programming