Out of the Mist

Collaborative Project

You awaken in the depths of a temple. Everything is now quiet, and only whispers remain of what used to be. The noises of life are gone and the temple surrounding is crumbling under its own weight. Thousands of years have passed since you last saw this place. When you fell into your slumber, everything was normal. But something happened while you were gone, something that changed the world forever. With your ability to manipulate the environment around you, you set off on a journey to find out what happened to the once great civilization that inhabited this world.


Out of the Mist is a game where the player transforms the environment instead of a player object.

Genre: ludic game

Platform: PC


Trey Ramm (Project Lead, 3D-Artist, Project Management)

Arkadijs Gribacovs (Environmental 3D-Artist)

Vanessa Ptak (Concept Artist, UI Artist)

Ta Yu (Lead Programmer)

George Lindaris (Designer,Project Management)