Sir Kit’s Solar Power Trip

The augmented reality card game installation offers an overview of solar power through playful experimentation. The titular pompous mascot Sir Kit guides players through three minigames, each highlighting a different aspect of solar power: solar cell functionality, solar’s sociopolitical context, and logistical dynamics of running a city on solar.

Players interact by placing AR cards on a table and immediately seeing the results come to life on a game screen, accompanied by informative and entertaining narration from Sir Kit. By focusing on the components making up solar cells, the first mini game, Power Up, builds comprehension through playing with different card combinations to see how they react, ultimately learning the physical process and building a functioning cell.

Tagline: Click and drag the cards into the grid to emulate playing physical cards

Platform: PC AR card game

Genre: Impact Game | Solar Power

Marco Cristoforetti (Programming)
Yannick Renz (Design)
Alex Nieradzik (Programming)
Maria Lobanova (Art)
Chad Comeau (Game Design)
Ioana Sandu (Art)

Gameplay Videos