The Big Banger

“The Big Banger” is an AR physics-based application focused on the laws of motion. Students need to launch planets through a virtual environment they can build themselves within the real world in order to let them collide with a target and make it explode. To do this, they need to input the correct required value (e.g. mass, velocity, force, etc.) and launch the planet in the correct direction. The visual presentation of the application incorporates real physical calculations, but stylizes them to be more flashy and exciting to watch. Our project aims to help students and teachers alike to overcome the four barriers of physics education as well as the layers of abstraction in order to create new kinds of physics classes that are equal parts exciting, fun and informative. Leveraging both elements of gamification as well as augmented reality, students and teachers alike can experience physics in a shared environment and communicate in one unified language.

Tagline: Experience Physics in a Galactic New Way!

Platform: Android

Genre: Puzzle, Education, AR | ImTech4Ed Physics

JiHoon Kim (Design | Project Management)
Daniel Baracotti (Design)
Robert Pavic (3D Art)
Sebastian Gerena (VFX | UI Art)
Michael Gebhart (Programming)
Salma Mouselhy (Programming)

Gameplay Video