In The Conjurers, you will take on the role of witches and warlocks and summon a cardinal demon to bind its soul and augment your magical prowess to tackle more difficult challenges. You can create and customize your character with magic staffs, elemental runes and arcane robes that influence your abilities. During combat, you must talk fast with your allies and agree on who does what in collective player turns of 30 seconds. Quick minigames balancing skill with luck will allow you to cast offensive and defensive spell to turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

The Conjurers is a turn-based local multiplayer RPG where communication is as integral to your success as the equipment you bring to battle.

Ozan Öztürk – Project Lead, Game Design
Gina Graf – Art
Keivan Akbari – Art
Fabian Röthgen – Programming
Jorge Casedas – Programming