The Side Effects of Being Human

Collaborative Project

Glennthrìghde, or as they prefer to call themselves, Glenn, is a Fae, but their goal is to live among humans. Except that part where they tried it, and it didn’t work, because Fae simply don’t work like humans, especially when it comes to emotions. Now Glenn is trying to fix that using their ability to steal emotions for themselves as long as other people feel these emotions. The player controls Glenn in their dream world, interacts with humans who are trapped in there, and solves puzzles to find memories that Glenn can use to evoke certain emotions to get them for themselves. Except that part where being human is not as easy as Glenn always thought.


It’s a game about emotions and the denial of emotions, of past regret and pretending, and about how sometimes you have to feel painful things to be human and alive.

Genre​: Puzzle-Narrative Graphic Adventure

Plattform​: PC

Gameplay Design & Project Lead​: Nina Rösner

Narrative Design​: Isaac Baltsch

Lead Artist​: Angelo Wedel

Programming​: Maurice Andreas & Alex Nieradzik