We are thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of the Migrants’ Chronicles project, an initiative that has brought the history of Luxembourg’s emigration to America in 1892 to life through an immersive educational game.

The Migrants’ Chronicles project, spearheaded by the Cologne Game Lab and supported by the Faculty of Humanities Education and Social Sciences of the University of Luxembourg and the Humanities Center of Carleton College, aimed to teach the history of Luxembourg emigration while fostering empathy for migrants of the past and present.

About the Project

The project focused on developing a digital educational game set in the late 19th century, during a significant period when many Luxembourgers migrated to the United States. Designed for students aged 11-13, the game allows players to experience the journey of three different characters—a widow with young children, a wealthy couple, or a young craftsman from the North—as they make crucial decisions about their migration to the US. Players navigate through challenges such as deciding what to pack and choosing a departure harbor, each decision impacting their journey’s outcome.

The game, designed for tablets, is set in 1892, a time when the US opened Ellis Island and the Chicago World’s Fair was on the horizon, employing many Luxembourg tradespeople.

Future Prospects

While our initial focus has been on Luxembourgish emigration, the Migrants’ Chronicles project lays the groundwork for future expansions that will explore diverse migration experiences. Upcoming installments will delve into modern emigration from regions like the Middle East to Europe. The open-source nature of our game allows developers to adapt and expand upon our prototype, ensuring that the stories of various migratory waves can be told and experienced.

Educational Impact

The game is bilingual (Luxembourgish and English) and suitable for a wide range of educational settings, including primary, grammar, and professional schools, as well as museums. Its immersive role-playing elements also make it accessible for school children with special needs.

To ensure the game’s integration into educational curricula, we have planned comprehensive training sessions for educators. In Luxembourg, this will be part of the continuing education of teachers and museum educators. In the US, we will collaborate with specific museums and middle schools in Luxembourgish communities to facilitate this integration.

Project Completion and Acknowledgements

Historical research for the Migrants’ Chronicles project began in 2020, followed by the game’s development starting in 2022. After delivering a beta version in 2023 for pilot educational impact evaluation, the final version of the game has now been completed and was released at the end of 2023.

Google Play Store Link: The Migrants’ Chronicles 1892 – Apps bei Google Play
Project Page: The Migrants’ Chronicles

This project was made possible by a total budget of approximately €500,000, with funding from Digital Luxembourg’s Innovative Initiatives and the Ministry of Education. The majority of the funding came from the Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande Duchesse Charlotte and the University of Luxembourg.