MA 3D Animation for Film & Games Winter Showcase 2023/24

In the winter term 2023/24, students of the M.A. 3D Animation for Film & Games demonstrated versatility and creativity by bringing to life a variety of projects from games and VR experiences to 3D animated shorts. Originating from concepts developed in their second semester, these self-driven projects allowed students to explore what they think the future of 3D animation holds. The results of their hard work were showcased on-site at CGL, and we now want to invite a wider audience to have a look at the students’ visions for their field.

If these projects make you curious about pursuing a degree in animation yourself, look at our course description. The MA 3D Animation for Film & Games application phase is open until March 31, 2023! Apply now!

Beyond the Dusty Shelves

Uncover the hidden mysteries of “Beyond the Dusty Shelves,” where the library is more than meets the eye. Kishore Srinivasan, Nilesh Kishore Monver, Sajjad Lotfi, and Mahshad Farhangi invite you on a journey into the heart of this realtime rendered library. As the new librarian navigates through the corridors and browses the books, he seems to be oblivious to the dangers of his new workspace which blurs the mundane and the magical.

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Beyond the Dusty Shelves | Game Trailer

Pulse of Fear

Venture into the shadows with “Pulse of Fear,” a VR walkthrough created in Unity that taps into the stark, emotional depths of German expressionist cinema to confront the issue of street harassment. Developed by Gamze Sunar, Mahdieh Tabatabaei, Megana Veda Sai, Rebeca Barona, and Tetiana Fuks for an adult audience, this experience is designed to immerse players in a world where the fear and anxiety of being followed become palpable, fostering empathy and sparking critical discussions on the realities faced by victims of such harassment.

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The Iranian myth of the “Bakthak” will be right down your alley if you enjoy an increased heart rate and have no trouble sleeping at night. A team of students consisting of Kendys Ortega, Narina Allakhverdian, Nicole Mynarek and Sina Rezaeinejad resurrects this ancient tale through the medium of 3D animation. Utilizing the cutting-edge capabilities of Unreal Engine’s MetaHumans and Motion Capture, they recount this story, offering a chillingly realistic encounter with the legendary creature.

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Bloom – A Journey Through Seasons

Have you ever dreamed of befriending a bumblebee dragon? Then you need to play “Bloom: A Journey Through Seasons,” a 3D platformer game that invites you on a journey of discovery and collaboration. Join Nym, the elf, and Buzz, the bumblebee dragon, to gather pollen in a world that resembles a pinkish fairy tale forest. This prototype, crafted in Unreal Engine 5 by Lauren Westcott, Mandana Massumi, Lena Haindl, and Laura Gomez Sandow, introduces yet another playful element—collectibles in the form of the team members themselves! Embark on this quest to find them all!

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