That was GGJ2020!

The 2020 Global Game Jam is over now, and we are left not only with fond memories but also loads of games to look at and try out. With 22 games created by the 110 active participants, this year was once again one of the biggest GGJ in CGL´s 10-year history of hosting the event here in Cologne.

As ever, participants were invited to explore new technology and tools, try on new roles in the development process and test their skills, to design, develop, create, and make a new game in just 48 hours. This year’s theme was “REPAIR”.

The jam, which is fully run by volunteers (thanks again to all CGL-students and staff involved), is not a competition and encourages collaboration and friendship building. You can see all the games created at our jam site here! Thank you all for being here, we had a great time with you!