Dear candidates,

Cologne Game Lab would like to announce the extension of the application deadline for the further education degree program of the M.A. Game Development and Research.

Given the global circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the stress it has put on both the administrative systems on which this application process is based and on you as applicants, we consider it most fair to continue accepting applications until April 30, 2021.

The M.A. Game Development and Research examination committee will keep the previously announced interview date (June 16th). Please, check the application page of the program for further instructions.

If you want to apply for the M.A. Game Development & Research, please go here:

The deadline for Uni-Assist will also be on April 30th. Due to the continued state of lockdown, Uni-Assist is allowing digital copies to be sent in for the time being. The processing fee must still be paid on time for these documents to be accepted and processed.

We understand that in addition to general paperwork difficulties, visa appointments have been delayed and even canceled in the wake of this crisis. This may affect the certainty of your timely arrival in Cologne. To support successful applicants during this transit phase, the start of the winter semester will include such measurements as online learning. The examination committee and the administration of the Cologne Game Lab will decide on these matters based on an assessment of the further course of events and case by case after the successful completion of the aptitude test and enrolment at the Cologne Game Lab / TH Köln.