New Game Plus: Perspektiven der Game Studies. Genres – Künste – Diskurse

Benjamin Beil / Lisa Gotto / Gundolf S. Freyermuth (eds.)

The volume “New Game Plus” presents a diverse selection of current methods and approaches in computer game research. The contributions ask: Which topics dominate game studies, since many formerly central debates still have historical value at best? Which (inter-)disciplinary cooperations have proved fruitful, which have failed? How do Game Studies and Game Design or Game Design Theory relate to each other? And last but not least: How has the (mass) cultural breakthrough of digital games influenced other disciplines, such as literature, art, theatre and film studies?

With contributions by Ian Bogost, Thomas Hensel, Jesse Schell, Stephan Schwingeler, Eric Zimmerman and others.

416 pages
ISBN 978-3-8376-2809-8
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