Our 6-semester BA-students did a very special collaborative project on impact games this summer term. The students focused on the current spreading of the Corona virus throughout the world, tackling either mental issues and psychological effects of the current situation, simulating the virus‘ spreading throughout the world, show how to fight the virus inside of the body or focus on the interpersonal effects of social distancing.

A group of these students, Daniel Turner, Carolin Dick and David Wildemann, submitted their game “Quarantine Companion” to the initiative Beyond Crisis and was selected to be one of the promoted projects. Beyond Crisis encourage new business models and ideas that build the future out of the Corona crisis! They want to give new approaches a platform and show them to a broad public.

Quarantine Companion addresses mental health issues during isolation: The aim is to help players develop new routines and coping mechanisms. It sets the player scheduled tasks embedded in a progression system, including categories like creativity, outdoor activity, relaxation.

According to Beyond Crisis it is “an inspiring game that accompanies you through the crisis. [It] is being developed to reduce the stress caused by the measures [installed to slow down the spread of coronavirus], offering playful activities and new routines for those who are currently staying at home. Every day you will be given three tasks based on expert recommendations for coping with the COVID 19 pandemic. By completing these tasks, the game will become more and more customizable to your interests.”

You can find out more about the initiative here: https://beyond-crisis.de/

Play the game here: https://quarantine-companion.de/